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The Adventures of Princess Jellibean

Delightful Imagination
This is a great children’s book, well written and illustrated. The story flows well and enriches the imagination. My grandson picked up and hardly moved whole reading it.

Friendship, imagination and fun
Goodeaux’s character Princess Jellibean has lots to learn and her natural curiosity allows readers to find themselves thinking and wondering about the possibilities of imagination. Perhaps it will even encourage them to discover a love for reading for themselves!

This book is worth the read!!
Beautiful story to read with your child! Since picking up this book, my 2nd grader requests to read it a lot!! This book was well designed for her to read by herself… which had promoted self reading on her own time. Highly recommend this book for young children, girls and boys!

Sweet Story
Sweet story! Princess Jellibean, who loves to read, is finally on an adventure she’s been waiting for: visiting the world outside her kingdom. She reads books, sketches sightings, and even makes some new friends.

Must read
I read the story to one of my kid and he absolutely loved it. He was disappointed when it was over.

Grandpa Moon

Great book to help kids cope with death
This book is an amazing resource that addresses death in a very real way. It focuses on the feelings that death brings and it also addresses some ways that one can cope with those feelings in a healthy way. I read it with my 7 year old and he was very engaged. It opened up the door to some great conversation in a non-threatening way.