Cindi Handley Goodeaux is the author of The Adventures of Princess Jellibean, the Swimming in My Soul poetry collection, and a number of upcoming children’s books.

The second edition of The Adventures Princess Jellibean was illustrated by Sanghamitra Dasgupta and was published in November 2018 by Crimson Cloak Publishing.

Princess Jellibean is a curious rainbow-hued cat who, through her many adventures, demonstrates how if you approach life with a sense of wonder and positivity, there is beauty in everything and everyone.

In her first adventure, she encounters children playing together, some with disabilities, and decides to play with them. Cindi’s plan for the first story was to introduce disability as a normal part of life by using simple concepts like dancing on feet or wheels and singing out loud or signing words with happy hands.

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“I welcome all butterflies into my heart because that feeling is a constant reminder of how alive and full of love I truly am.”
― Karen A. Baquiran