I gasp as I struggle,

sinking deeper into the abyss.

There is nothing but darkness around me. 

Invisible fingers pulling me under. 

Frantically I look for something –

anything – I might use to save myself.

I find nothing.

I find no one.

I am weak from the struggle

and can no longer fight it:

Death has come. 

All is lost.

Help me, Jesus…

Then – 

a hand 

plunges into my watery grave.

A strong and solid hand 

lifts me higher and higher 

out of the waves!

He breathes air into my lungs

restoring sweet life to me!

Weakly, I rise to see His face –

My Savior, its you!

My Jesus, you SAVED me

from the horrible darkness –

from the horrible fingers –

from the horrible depths of my sinful life!

Forever I am safe in your arms

Never will I leave your side

My Jesus, my Hero, you saved ME!

2 Samuel 22:17

A poem by Cindi Handley Goodeaux